The Dispensations of Adam

Massacre at Havensford General

Crucible hits below the belt.

The day the unthinkable occurred…

Date: 1st Trivalo of Ormor, 635 A.E.

All was seemingly quiet in the Kingdom of Endelgard, and Willgarm, assistant chief of security for Havensford General Hospital, was enjoying a weekend with the boss away. The weekend was anything but enjoyable, however, as the hospital was attacked by a squad of Cruciblan commandos intent on slaughtering the defenseless doctors and redemptionists living on the grounds.

Willgarm and his intrepid security force rose to the challenge, eventually stopping the attack dead in its tracks, killing all the intruders. But victory came at a steep price. Thirty-four people died, including six staff, nine doctors, and nineteen students.

It was obvious the moment the attack commenced: Crucible meant war.


jeremiahgscott jeremiahgscott

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