The Dispensations of Adam

Raid on Helrok

Valgaria turns to desperation, and hits pay dirt.

What price to gain an ally?

Date: Lorent, 636 A.E.

In a desperate gamble to try to win an ally, a small Valgarian task force under the command of Badgerzark Bjornus Stonhamar launched a raid on the Dwarven coastal stronghold of Helrok. The object of the raid was to capture a shipment of the mysterious transmetal known as celestum. The Valgarian government had been told by the Dominion of Adam that acquiring this material would go a long way toward bringing them into the war on the side of Valgaria.

In a mission that required the precision of a razor blade, almost nothing went as planned. Stonhamar landed advance scouting parties ashore before the raid, and with the exception of a few missing troops, everything was going well—until Stonhamar’s group was caught red-handed sneaking into the industrial section of Helrok. Hell broke loose. After capturing an armored car, and somehow avoiding capture and death, Stonhamar and his intrepid troops managed to derail the train that was speeding the shipment of celestum out of town.

If things weren’t already hard enough, the Dwarven Crown Prince showed up on a flying island fortress, complete with airfield and complement of fighter planes. When the raid was finally launched by the naval task force waiting offshore, it seemed the Valgarians had little chance and, indeed, they suffered horrendous casualties against the now-alert dwarves, but they managed to steal away with the shipment of celestum firmly in the hands of Valgaria.

Stonhamar’s rejoicing soon turned to bitterness and rage, however, when the Dominion still hesitated to declare war on Crucible and join the fight. Did his men die in vain?


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