The Dispensations of Adam

The Demise of the Lady Denessy

The Valdakours Go to War

Valdakour Lines: One of the most fabulous, infamous, and storied companies in all the Dominion. Led by Paz Valdakour—mysterious adventurer, playboy, and patriarch of the Valdakour Family—Valdakour Lines has seen its share of good times, but not so much lately. Harassed by lawsuits and harried by the competition—namely, the Royal White Lines—Valdakour has fallen on tough times. It hasn’t helped a bit that Valdakour is the last large company in the Dominion still willing to do business with Crucible since they invaded Sylvus, Vorenice, Valgaria, and Endelgard. To help the struggling business, Paz has enlisted the help of his sons. All but one of his eleven sons sailed aboard the ocean liner VS Lady Denessy to learn the family trade.


jeremiahgscott jeremiahgscott

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