The Dispensations of Adam

The Demise of the Lady Denessy
The Valdakours Go to War

Valdakour Lines: One of the most fabulous, infamous, and storied companies in all the Dominion. Led by Paz Valdakour—mysterious adventurer, playboy, and patriarch of the Valdakour Family—Valdakour Lines has seen its share of good times, but not so much lately. Harassed by lawsuits and harried by the competition—namely, the Royal White Lines—Valdakour has fallen on tough times. It hasn’t helped a bit that Valdakour is the last large company in the Dominion still willing to do business with Crucible since they invaded Sylvus, Vorenice, Valgaria, and Endelgard. To help the struggling business, Paz has enlisted the help of his sons. All but one of his eleven sons sailed aboard the ocean liner VS Lady Denessy to learn the family trade.

Disaster at Arelape
Despite a spirited defense, a strategic atoll is overrun.

The Grunn strike first!

The crew of the RDS Coriallum, a Dominion submarine, spot an invasion force on its way to Arelape Atoll, the strategic island they have been tasked with protecting.

The incoming fleet looks like it belongs to the Grunn Empire. If they take Arelape Atoll, it will have disastrous strategic consequences for the Dominion of Adam. Arelape is approximately halfway between the Dominion mainland and its oil-rich colonial islands. Ships traveling to-and-from the islands often refuel at Arelape. In addition, if Arelape is taken, it would give an enemy force a well-placed airfield from which to menace shipping traffic.

Captain Raul Warton and his bold crew make every effort to halt the invading force in its tracks. First they intercept the fleet offshore and launch a bold night-attack. They are able to sink three warships and at least one troopship. The enemy unleashes a withering barrage of depth charges, which all but disables the beleaguered submarine. Out of options, Captain Warton orders the Coriallum to evade the attackers and return to port.

Back at Arelape, the crew take up defensive positions on the island, ready to repel the invaders. Due to their lack of infantry training, the marine commander tasks the sailors with defending the back-side of the atoll, the least likely point of attack. All bets are off though when that’s precisely where the enemy strikes. Running across treacherous mudflats like they were standing on solid ground, the invaders run headlong at the entrenched submarine crew. It is now clear the invaders are not Grunn. The gargantuan Grunn soldiers would have sunk to their armpits in the mud. The sailors fight hard, but in the end the mysterious invaders prove to be too much. The defensive line breaks.

Radio communications are cut-off, but Captain Warton knows that the Dominion must find out what has happened, lest they take the attack to be from the Grunn Empire and declare war on the wrong enemy. He and two of his crew hop into a jeep and speed off toward an amphibious plane tied up to a dock down in the lagoon. His crew is left behind to fight a valiant, but suicidal, delaying action.

Arriving at the dock, the three escapists are just jumping out of the jeep when Captain Warton’s head explodes like a smashed melon: the work of a sniper. The two remaining compatriots duck and run for the boat-plane. They fire the plane’s engines and, having thrown off the mooring lines, taxi into the lagoon. Chief Kyper Dritch in the pilot’s seat, knows that flying a big twin-engine seaplane is beyond his experience. Nevertheless, he lowers the flaps and shoves the throttle to its stop. They must escape at all costs. Soon the plane is skimming over the water, and Dritch pulls back the yoke, willing the big plane into the air. At last, it frees itself of the earth’s touch and lumbers skyward. As they bank over the island, they can see the last of their shipmates being slaughtered below.

Two fighter planes from the invading force dive to attack the slow-flying seaplane. Lieutenant Laren Athnal, the Coriallum torpedo officer mans the machine gun on the nose of the plane. He squeezes of a few shots just as one of the fighter planes streaks across their bow. The fighter erupts into a brilliant ball of flame. A lucky shot, but Athnal had made a career out of lucky shots. As the twin-engine plane got up to speed, the single-engine fighter starts to fall behind. But the two remaining sailors weren’t in the clear just yet. Bullets from one of the fighter’s strafing runs had ruptured one of the plane’s fuel tanks. There’s no way they’d have enough gas to get to the Dominion. Knowing it was their only hope, the two sailors turn West toward the mysterious kingdom of Pyroma, never to be seen or heard from again.

Raid on Helrok
Valgaria turns to desperation, and hits pay dirt.

What price to gain an ally?

Date: Lorent, 636 A.E.

In a desperate gamble to try to win an ally, a small Valgarian task force under the command of Badgerzark Bjornus Stonhamar launched a raid on the Dwarven coastal stronghold of Helrok. The object of the raid was to capture a shipment of the mysterious transmetal known as celestum. The Valgarian government had been told by the Dominion of Adam that acquiring this material would go a long way toward bringing them into the war on the side of Valgaria.

In a mission that required the precision of a razor blade, almost nothing went as planned. Stonhamar landed advance scouting parties ashore before the raid, and with the exception of a few missing troops, everything was going well—until Stonhamar’s group was caught red-handed sneaking into the industrial section of Helrok. Hell broke loose. After capturing an armored car, and somehow avoiding capture and death, Stonhamar and his intrepid troops managed to derail the train that was speeding the shipment of celestum out of town.

If things weren’t already hard enough, the Dwarven Crown Prince showed up on a flying island fortress, complete with airfield and complement of fighter planes. When the raid was finally launched by the naval task force waiting offshore, it seemed the Valgarians had little chance and, indeed, they suffered horrendous casualties against the now-alert dwarves, but they managed to steal away with the shipment of celestum firmly in the hands of Valgaria.

Stonhamar’s rejoicing soon turned to bitterness and rage, however, when the Dominion still hesitated to declare war on Crucible and join the fight. Did his men die in vain?

Massacre at Havensford General
Crucible hits below the belt.

The day the unthinkable occurred…

Date: 1st Trivalo of Ormor, 635 A.E.

All was seemingly quiet in the Kingdom of Endelgard, and Willgarm, assistant chief of security for Havensford General Hospital, was enjoying a weekend with the boss away. The weekend was anything but enjoyable, however, as the hospital was attacked by a squad of Cruciblan commandos intent on slaughtering the defenseless doctors and redemptionists living on the grounds.

Willgarm and his intrepid security force rose to the challenge, eventually stopping the attack dead in its tracks, killing all the intruders. But victory came at a steep price. Thirty-four people died, including six staff, nine doctors, and nineteen students.

It was obvious the moment the attack commenced: Crucible meant war.


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